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Updated: Feb 14

There are many load boards out there. What are the differences? uses the following improvements to make our software better than the competition!! provides FREE signup, search, and load posting. removes monthly fees. eliminates the need for a factoring company. removes 30 to 60 day payment process and instead provides instant payment. takes the middlemen (Agents, Dispatchers, and Brokers) out of the negotiation and contracting process. protects Broker profits. establishes an easy electronic negotiation process. is software that lets shippers and carriers negotiate together, directly. provides shippers security while paying up front for loads contracted. provides a nationwide platform for the freight industry. automates documentation. eliminates Days to Pay and credit scoring. limits who can contract a load based on FMCSA safety ratings, insurance requirements, and peer reviews and ratings. reduces overhead costs. reduces human resource needs. automates mundane tasks such as phone calls, BOL, COI, POD, credit checks, negotiations, etc. simplifies and improves communication steps from shipper to driver. establishes a feedback and rating system. establishes a favorite carrier system. discloses and establishes transparency of all load details. monitors and recommends load rates and pricing. reduces broker risk. reduces broker workflow and mundane tasks. establishes and simplifies the dispute process. is so simple.

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