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ABOUT US has been around the logistics world for over 15 years and we have perfected a system that promotes a win/win every time.










Comprehensive freight logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from load posting right through to delivery and payment.

In January 2007 we had a great idea that would reshape the logistics industry for the better.  After seeing that the logistics industry is plagued with too many fingers helping themselves to the dollars earned by carriers as they transport freight around the country, that shippers rely  too much on brokers to find reliable carriers to haul their loads, and that the paperwork and negotiations required on each load can overwhelm even the most detailed and helpful people in the  logistics industry, we decided that the logistics industry needed an upgrade. We have now introduced into the logistics industry, a fully automated load board.

EASYLOADPRRO.COM OFFERS CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS is an electronic load board/software designed to improve and automate the logistics industry. We have modernized the current freight brokering system by automating the contracting, paperwork, and payment processes, and by creating a work environment that improves communication between Shippers and Carriers, and removes the middlemen.

Our proprietary system includes these powerful features:

  1. PowerPay

    • Instant to 48hr pay after load has been delivered

    • Eliminates Factoring

  2. LoadBook

    • Automates the documentation process

    • Keeps everyone informed

    • Reduces overhead cost

  3. LoadItNow

    • Speed up load contracting

  4. LoadRate 

    • Rating system for shippers and carriers

  5. PowerNegotiator

    • Reduce payroll costs

    • Increase efficiency

    • Automate your negotiations

  6. PowerBroker

    • Reduce broker workload and overhead

    • Protect broker profits

    • Provide software to broker

  7. DisputeSolver

    • Simple dispute resolution process


Brokers will love using this software on their own websites, which will reduce their workload, while still protecting their profits.

Shippers will find it easier to find reliable carriers, while maintaining control over the price of a load, and will save over 40% on overhead costs.

Carriers will appreciate getting paid within 48 hours, find reduced overhead, fees, and greater access to load details and simplified paperwork.


  • Automates the logistics industry

  • Is essentially an electronic freight broker.

  • Shippers maintain control over load pricing and feel secure in safety of service.

  • Removes the excess work involved in contracting, documenting, and logistics management. This also helps to reduce overhead costs such as office supplies.

  • Increases safety and streamlines the payment process. This helps us to reduce from a 30 to 60-day payment process down to 48 hours.

  • Removes brokers from the negotiation process, while protecting their profits.

  • Enhances load listings by requiring more information. As a result, chances of load being contracted are increased.

  • Evenly distributes financial responsibility between shipper and carrier, consequently removing excessive burden from the carriers.

  • Eliminates the need for invoice factoring.

  • Reduces or possibly eliminates the need for Broker FMCSA BMC-84 surety payment bonds.

  • Allows for greater accessibility to detail in load posting, including trailer types, safety equipment, delivery requirements and more, but maintains security so only those who contract a load can see personal information such as addresses and phone numbers.

  • Provides the ability to give limited access to employees, dispatchers, and agents under their own username and password, so you can maintain security and responsibility within your company.

  • Classifieds page specific to the trucking/freight industry

  • Tailored ads for customers/users.



End to end safety is very important to us. We only work with individuals and companies that have been verified through our system.


Our system has the latest security protocols and our encryption is simply the best. You can trust every step of the process.


Our load board is the best for one simple reason, we have the experience and have taken the time to build a system that is hassle free and maximizes opportunity for shippers and haulers.


End to end security is important to us. We automate verification of users, insurance, and payments, while we encourage businesses to meet all FMCSA rules and business practices before they can participate.


To continually improve the freight industry and to provide the easiest, most secure, cost effective, and reliable freight load board and database across the nation.


Find a load near you with our Zoom Search.


Don’t give out your user credentials, trust our system to do the rest.

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