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Automation Of Freight Load Board!

Updated: Feb 14

Time – Automation saves time on freight load boards!

Resources – Automation saves resources on freight load boards!

Money – Automation saves Money on freight load boards!

Transparency – Automation collects all information up front from the shipper and transfers all information to the carrier.

Negotiation – Automation negotiates without middlemen or additional costs on freight load boards!

Payments – Automation collects and transfers money with no errors, miscommunication or hurt feelings.

Documentation – Automation takes the mundane out of the job, increases consistency, accuracy and improves quality.

Communication – Automation in messaging is that the communications are predetermined and set up once. Messages are automatically sent to customers when an event or action is recorded, considering their communication preferences and interests.

Confidence – Automation protects my payment until load is delivered in good condition and approval given.

Feedback – Automation allows for measuring performance and honest ratings to be given received and monitored on freight load boards.

Performance – Automation encourages greater performance and improves retention for freight load boards!

Loyalty – Automation promotes shipper/carrier loyalty and respect is earned on freight load boards.

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