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What Is The Difference Between Truck Stop And Dat? - Why Didn't I Know About Sooner!

Updated: Feb 14

We hear this type of comments on the daily about DAT and Truckstop. Try a new kind of load board that solves the problems listed below!! is so simple!

"It’s kind of like an apple vs android thing. You might get used to a certain format by default, then when you try the other, you dislike it because your already well versed and inclined in the other." only allows shippers to post loads!

"Only way to know is to try both for a while. I do see more loads being posted on dat, BUT, a lot of that freight volume is reposted loads from 30 minutes ago that continues to be reposted by Landstar and the likes. So the load volume is a little misleading at times. But it almost never fails, around 6pm EST Truckstop usually comes to a screeching halt" requires exclusive load posting!

"Also Truckstop allows you brokers to relist the same loads again and again. Once I complained about a load listed 155 times consecutively. I had the board showing me 50 loads at a time. It was over 3 pages." is so easy you don't need a dispatcher!

"I checked DAT's website and I see nothing about DAT running a dispatch service. I left DAT a couple years ago. I switched to Truckstop. I didn't find Truckstop better. Now that Truckstop is running a dispatch service, it's clearly a conflict of interest. I'm a single truck owner/carrier. If I were to pay-up, and get "It's Dispatch" service, I'm sure the bigger the carrier, the more they pay Truckstop, the better the advantage." has a price on every load!

"The part I don't like is all the loads without prices on them. I mean if they take the time to post the load they can atleas take the extra 10 seconds to put a price on it." eliminates the need for a broker.

"I dropped truckstop cause of 2 reasons. 1st dat interface is soooo much better. 2 I HATE that brokers can see that you've looked at a load and will call you on truckstop. If i was interested in the load I would call the broker."


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