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Small businesses can move freight like a pro with the easiest load board in the country. helps you post loads, negotiate, submit paperwork, and get paid  —all in one place.

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“We’ve been able to streamline deliveries and significantly cut costs”

John H

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6 Reasons People Love Using


It’s Free

Our free load board empowers you to find your next trucking gig without breaking the bank.

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Smart Automation

Smart automation frees you from the grind and hassle of manual tasks, letting you focus on what matters most.

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Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking keeps you in the driver's seat, knowing exactly where your shipment is every minute.


Eliminate Paperwork

Ditch the papercuts, go digital! Electronic records keep you organized and save loads of time.

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No More Middle Men

Cut out the go-between! Connect directly with shippers / carriers and get the best rates without someone else getting a cut.



Streamline your trucking experience! Manage everything from dispatch to documents in one central hub.

Start Posting / Browsing Loads in Minutes

Find Your Perfect Load in Under a Minute! No Calls, All Results. Our Trucker Heroes Are Ready to Help!

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A near-death trucking accident in 2000 left the owner of with permanent injuries, but also sparked a mission. What did he see as so broken in the industry, and how did he plan to fix it?

We've Got Your Back Throughout the Entire Process


Free Coaching

Unlock your full potential with free one-on-one coaching and unlimited, free customer support.


Supportive Community

Never go it alone! Our private Group connects you with thousands of business owners to share challenges and find solutions together.


Easy Load Pro Mobile App

Work on the Go! Manage your trucking business from anywhere with our powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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